Customer Service – Custom Appearance

Red Rabbit Intelligent Technology provides customers with exclusive appearance customization services to meet your fantasy of the appearance of the cotton candy machine Advantages of customized services: Part of the customized cotton candy machine display Australia Taiwan, China Korea U.S.A.

Customer case – shopping mall

The fully automatic cotton candy machine does not require guards, operates 24 hours a day, and is not restricted by the site; so from this point of view, this investment does not require a lot of capital. You only need to invest in the purchase of a cotton candy machine and raw materials for making […]

Customer Case – Americas

Unmanned retail business is emerging one after another, and it seems that we have ushered in a new retail industry. In this context, unmanned vending machines have also been developed to a great extent. Compared with traditional small supermarkets and other store-demanding business forms, unmanned vending machines have flexible payment and simple operations. In the […]

Customer case – Europe

The fully automatic cotton candy developed and designed by Red Rabbit Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has attracted the attention and love of many consumers since its listing. The marshmallow machine is mainly intelligent and fully automated. It can automatically make marshmallows after simple operations and the sugar silo is closed, which ensures that the marshmallow […]

Customer Case-Cold Drink Shop

With the development of unmanned retail, more and more people are paying attention to this market. Many merchants are looking for a machine that can bring traffic to themselves, so as to promote the business of the store. The machine must have enough freshness. Make consumers curious about it. Traditional beverage self-service machines, food self-service […]

Customer Case – Asia

Introduction Red Rabbit Intelligence Technology is committed to bringing high-quality smart new retail equipment to the global market. Red Rabbit Intelligence Technology’s cotton candy machine is now very popular among Southeast Asian customers. Thailand MarK Korea

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