Who We Are

Integrity management, win-win cooperation is the philosophy of our company. Guangzhou Red Rabbit Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a company integrating software development, production, sales and maintenance. The company was established in March 2017. It is a professional manufacturer of intelligent equipment. The company focuses on intelligent and new retail products. It has developed dozens of products by itself, such as vending machines, sugar painting machines, and building block toy retail. In recent years, the automatic cotton candy machine has been launched.

Red Rabbit Intelligent Technology has a high-quality, experienced and skilled professional R&D team, including senior engineers with more than ten years of scientific research and production experience, as well as many mechanical, software, structural and other engineers, in order to continuously optimize product quality

Red Rabbit Intelligent Technology, the global leader of cotton candy smart machines, serves more than 70 countries in Europe, America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. The world’s leading cotton candy machine technology company has won 60 patent certificates including various countries in the world. Professional independent research and development Team, super stable system, beautiful appearance design, in the leading position in the industry.

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Development History


Guangzhou Red Rabbit Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was formally established. After years of accumulation in the industry, Chitu Intelligent Technology has many outstanding talents in the industry.


Through continuous R&D and production, Red Rabbit Intelligent Technology launched intelligent vending machines, sugar painting machines, intelligent basketball robot machines and other equipment in the market in 2018, which are widely welcomed by consumers in the market. In the same year, we launched intelligent automatic cotton candy machines.


The company has established a foreign trade department to promote its products to all parts of the world. Relying on high-quality smart equipment and professional service teams, it has reached trade cooperation with customers from many countries.


Red Rabbit Intelligent Technology has iteratively upgraded and optimized the cotton candy machine, and innovated, upgraded and optimized the main components of the cotton candy machine, such as the motor, nozzle, stove, and mechanical arm. The fully automatic cotton candy machine has reached the industry-leading level!


In order to further develop the company, Red Rabbit Intelligent Technology has invested a lot of money in scientific research and innovation, attracting graduates from major universities, and further expanding the production line to increase production capacity.


Red RabbitIntelligent Technology has obtained more than 60 patent certificates in April 2022, and is in the first echelon of the industry in the field of cotton candy machine technology.


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