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The fully automatic cotton candy machine does not require guards, operates 24 hours a day, and is not restricted by the site; so from this point of view, this investment does not require a lot of capital. You only need to invest in the purchase of a cotton candy machine and raw materials for making cotton candy, as well as a venue rental.

Although the investment is small, the profit is relatively large, up to 90% of the profit margin. For example, the cost of a cotton candy is about 0.7 yuan, but your selling price can reach about 10-30 yuan. If your marketing strategy is right, your investment in this industry will bring you huge profits. Putting the cotton candy machine in a densely populated area, or even in a high-consumption area, means that even if your price is higher than the market price, you can still have high sales. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the place where there is a lot of traffic. Therefore, less investment and high returns are the characteristics of investment in cotton candy machines.

The cotton candy machine is put into the mall. Pedestrians will pass by the machine, resulting in purchase behavior, because this place has the target consumer group of our products. And the beautiful appearance will also be a factor to attract consumers to buy.



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