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Unmanned retail business is emerging one after another, and it seems that we have ushered in a new retail industry. In this context, unmanned vending machines have also been developed to a great extent. Compared with traditional small supermarkets and other store-demanding business forms, unmanned vending machines have flexible payment and simple operations.

In the United States, you may have seen new retail equipment such as beverage self-service machines, snack self-service machines, etc., but marshmallow self-service machines, have you seen them? One-click purchase, simple operation, support for cloud service background management, only need to add water, sugar, put paper sticks, and you can start business.

The beautiful appearance of the fully automatic cotton candy machine and the process of making cotton candy make people naturally attracted by it, and the shape of the cotton candy made is beautiful, and the taste is very popular among Americans. It can be said to be a proper tool for making money.

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