Iterative upgrade of cotton candy machine

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Red Rabbit Intelligence deeply realizes that the level of research and development directly determines the depth of the “moat” of enterprise technology. Only by focusing on research and development, it is possible to form technology accumulation in the process of tackling key problems, and use the research and development results to continuously strengthen its own brand influence.

Therefore, Red Rabbit Intelligence takes scientific and technological innovation as an important task. By strengthening the construction of scientific research teams and increasing investment in scientific research funds, the company has continuously improved its technical level and product competitiveness, and further consolidated its competitiveness.

Technological innovation is inseparable from the support of talents, and the expansion of the R&D team lays the foundation for the iterative upgrade of the cotton candy machine

Iterative upgrade of cotton candy machine:

  • The furnace head uses a brushless motor with 3 times longer service life and better performance than a brushed motor
  • Furnace head optimization, realizing that the furnace head does not rotate when the cotton candy machine is in standby, reducing power consumption and cost expenditure
  • Adopt exclusive dual nozzle cleaning design
  • The robotic arm uses sensor positioning to make the positioning more accurate and can complete more complex actions
  • The structure has also been optimized and upgraded, and the vulnerable parts are replaced with more stable and reliable parts, which greatly improves the service life and stability of the machine.
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