The cotton candy machine was successfully developed!

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Red Rabbit Intelligent Technology successfully developed a fully automatic cotton candy machine in May 2018.

The fully automatic cotton candy machine is a strategic product developed by RedTuTu Intelligent. It is a new generation of intelligent unmanned vending machines. It uses Internet technology to realize various payment methods and remote control of the machine. The appearance of the cotton candy machine is cute, and it is attractive enough to people’s eyes, and the cotton candy can evoke childhood memories. With the development of the times, it is rare to see people selling cotton candy now. The cotton candy machine comes with Net red drainage attributes and a wide audience

The functions that the automatic marshmallow machine can realize remotely (the following are only part of the display functions):

  1. Computer remote switching advertising video
  2. Mobile phone remote setting product name and price
  3. Out of stock reminder function
  4. Mobile phone to remotely view the real-time inventory of accessories
  5. If the equipment is faulty, the background will automatically refund the buyer, and send the refund fault information to the equipment launcher
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