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Why Choose Red Rabbit Fully automatic cotton candy machine ?

  1. Guangzhou Red Rabbit was founded in 2017, we have been engaged in the cotton candy machine industry over 7 years, and we are the largest cotton candy machine manufacturer in the world
  2. Our company has got all kinds of professional certificates, such as NAMA, CE, RoHS, FCC, IC, FDA, SAA, etc. and more than 100 patents, which can make sure you can running the machine in any place.
  3. With the experience of selling to more than 10,000 clients allover the world, we can give you professional advice to make it easier for you to make money with the cotton candy machine!
  4. The machine has a remote background control system, with timer switch, inventory reminder, sales data, set coupons and other functions, and can be remotely upgraded system version!
  5. We support customized appearance of the machine, you can realize your ideas on the machine, to create your own

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Product number: CT-606
size: Height 170CM with out acrylic board /Top 35CM / Width 133CM / Depth 60CM
Power: 700~2500w
Weight: 350KG
Style: 36(Continuously increasing)
Sugar consumption: 35 Sugar per 1kg
Water consumption: 35 Sugar per 1kg
Bucket capacity: 12L
Sugar storage:30 300
Yogurt pouder function: Optional
payment method: Cash、Coin、Pay By CaRD
Logistics Packaging: CBM:2.2m²,Package dimensions:141CM/78CM/196CM












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