Your Guide to Commercial Marshmallow-Making Machines

Do you love marshmallows? Do you want to know how these tasty baking products are manufactured? If yes, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will introduce a highly innovative making that is responsible for making marshmallows. As technology is progressing towards development rapidly, the baking industry is also advancing. Marshmallows […]

Top 8 Marshmallow Vending Machines in China

Introduction The confectionery industry in China is evolving with the introduction of sophisticated vending machines that not only enhance consumer experience but also add value to the business model of confectionery retailers. Among these, marshmallow vending machines have carved a niche due to their unique offering. Here is an insight into the top 8 marshmallow vending […]

Top 10 Cotton Candy Machine Manufacturers in the World

Introduction Picture that place where the air is full of a delightful sweet smell and colorful, cotton-like sweets gracefully soar in the sky, making everyone around happy. This is the magical place of cotton candy, indeed! Smiling kids are universal admirers, especially everywhere, where there are fairs, parties, and events. The secret behind this delicious […]

Discover the World of DIY Marshmallow Vending Machines

Introduction Walk through the crowded mall or amusement park where every corner is full of unexpected pleasure. Among the usual attractions, something unique catches your eye: a contemporary, stylish DIY Marshmallow Vending Machine. This is not just a typical vending machine. It is a wonder of modern technology that also is a great source of […]

Explore the Magic of Marshmallow Vending Machines and Their Market Potential

@Fully automatic cotton candy vending machine

Introduction Vending machines are good partners for fast snacks and drinks, and have changed a lot from their simple beginning. It has been awe-inspiring how simple snacks have changed to more advanced products. In this adventure, a new person has come – the marshmallow vending machine. Today, we look into the world of these soft puppies […]

Guangzhou Red Rabbit Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established!

Through years of unremitting efforts and pursuits, the founder of Red Rabbit Intelligent Technology has stood out from the industry with the attitude and concept of “people-oriented, pursuit of excellence, honest service, and common development”. Established Guangzhou Chitu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. on March 3, 2017 Through continuous learning and digestion, combined with market needs, […]

The cotton candy machine was successfully developed!

Red Rabbit Intelligent Technology successfully developed a fully automatic cotton candy machine in May 2018. The fully automatic cotton candy machine is a strategic product developed by RedTuTu Intelligent. It is a new generation of intelligent unmanned vending machines. It uses Internet technology to realize various payment methods and remote control of the machine. The […]

The development of unmanned vending machine industry

At present, the vending machine industry is showing a booming development trend. The application of this unmanned self-service model in different fields and industries has spawned an intelligent and large-scale business model. Vending machines have long been a part of our lives, and as this new retail scene develops into a brand new business model. […]

Red Rabbit Intelligent Foreign Trade Department was established to enter the global market

With the continuous development of the company, Red Rabbit Smart decided to set up a foreign trade department, dedicated to selling equipment to all parts of the world. Despite the current increase in risks and challenges, Chitu Smart Technology has actively connected with foreign production standards, accelerated the international express logistics product system and services, […]

Fully automatic cotton candy machine is loved by customers

The fully automatic cotton candy developed and designed by Red Rabbit Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has attracted the attention and love of many consumers since its listing. With the continuous advancement of technology and the passage of time, the sales of Red Rabbit’s fully automatic cotton candy robots have covered more than 50 countries and […]

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